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Ah, renovation. Everyone’s dream, but a complete money-sucker. With proper planning, your renovations can happen!

Finding the right way to renovate your home without breaking the bank can seem near impossible. There’s paint to buy, walls to tear down, giving your home a completely new look; expenses can add up very quickly. Luckily, there are several DIY project tips out there to help you cut the cost of home remodeling.

We are here to tell you that it is easy to stay on a budget while completing your home improvements. This article will go over the best top home remodeling tips to help you stay on a budget with your home projects.

The Top Renovation Tips You Need To Take Advantage Of

If your house is outdated, you may be thinking of ways to beautify the space if you’re staying at the property. Some people have a hard time seeing the potential in older homes because of the lack of modernization. With this, they consider moving.

If this is you, know that it is cheaper to remodel your house than pack up and move into a brand new one. Residents who do some home renovation typically save $18,000 versus ultimately moving. With the implementation of a budget, you could save even more.

Are you ready to save some dough? Here are the top home improvement tips you need to live by for your next remodel.

Scrounge For Used Instead Of New

You can make anything look new if you renovate it the right way! While brand new items seem luxurious and trendy, most renovation projects can become trendy by your creative, dedicated skills.

Instead of visiting chain hardware stores or contractors, browse recycling stores or places online such as Facebook Marketplace for items you need. You can find used cabinets, hardware, tools, lighting, and more for much less. Used items are a great way to reduce costs and ensure you stay on budget. Most of the time, all used items require a good cleaning and some paint. If you can take a used item and fix it up, the more cost you will save.

Some items in your budget are going to cost more. For instance, you may need the help of a professional with specific projects due to their expertise and finesse. With this in mind, it’s essential to factor in the small costs with the high costs. So, what can you get used to that can operate as a fixer-upper to help stay on a budget?


Do you watch the professionals on TV and feel pumped to knock down some walls in your home? Do it!

The best way to cut significant expenses for your home improvements is to do it yourself (obviously wherever possible). If you are feeling nervous or unsure of how to do specific projects, do not fret. Instead, search for videos or blogs online that demonstrate how to do your project.

The most straightforward remodeling projects to do yourself for your home is

  • Painting
  • Replacing the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Updating lighting
  • Cleaning the interior or exterior of your home
  • Building simple furniture
  • Organization
  • Installing certain flooring

Sometimes all your home needs for a fresher look are new colored walls and updated hardware. If you are interested in doing some DIY projects, make sure you’re confident you know what you’re doing before starting your home improvements.

Optimize Your Space

Unless you want to add more space to your house, keep the layout the same. It is best to optimize the space in your home and find ways to utilize all you have before you knock down some walls or add anything in.

A key to stay on a budget for home improvement is to use the way your home sits for newer use. In an older home, it’s often the more minor changes that go a long way. For instance, instead of taking out the wooden cabinets in your outdated kitchen, consider painting them and replacing the handles. You’d be surprised what a new look could do.

Do Your Research

If you want to stay on a budget for your home improvement projects, do your research. Knowing firsthand what you are doing around the place and what is required as tools, and how to complete the projects will give you an idea of how much to set for your budget. You will also feel more confident about your remodel and doing it yourself.

If you are not planning on staying in your home, research what home improvement items increase the value of your home for when you sell. You can have a low budget for home improvements to have a higher ROI in the end once your home hits the market.

How To Make Your Budget Plan

Making your budget for your home improvement projects does not have to be complicated. Of course, everyone would love to accomplish all the projects they would like to be done around the house in ample time. Still, unfortunately, that cannot happen in most cases.

To create an adequate home improvement budget, consider all the remodels you would like to make. Which ones are most important or necessary? The best way to remodel your home is to take the remodels one step at a time. Start with the littler, cheaper projects first as you save for the more significant projects.

When you have an idea of the renovations you would like to make around your home, consider cost and create a savings plan. Remember that most projects can be completed by DIY, which helps reduce the cost. However, if you find a project that will require the help of a contractor, make sure you include that in your total budget and begin saving.

The Key To Sticking To a Home Renovation Budget

Once you have your home improvement budget created, the real work begins. Sticking to your budget can be challenging. Some projects may run you up more than you expected, or you might face a life crisis that takes precedence over your finances.

The key to sticking to your budget is to remember your long-term goals. The value of your home is incredible and can rise with the improvements you make to it. To stick to your home improvement budget, look for ways to cut expenses out of unnecessary items to put towards your home improvement items. Sometimes it might mean not spending that $5 on expensive coffee or using holidays to get or give home improvement items as gifts. You could even use that tax return of yours to put towards your budget.

Whatever the cause may be, is determined, and focused on your home improvement goals is crucial to your budget. Also, looking for ways to cut costs by using used items that we previously mentioned can go a long way.

DIY Project Tips For Your Home

Going DIY instead of hiring a contractor for your projects can save you tons, possibly a few thousand dollars. But if this is new territory, it might feel a little intimidating.

If you decide to incorporate some DIY tactics into your home improvements, here are a few tips for you.

Prep Your Surfaces

If you are painting any surface in your home (walls, countertops, decks, etc.), do not skip the prep and priming process. If you want your work to last, surfaces need to hold their paint. This means surfaces need to be cleaned, sanded, and primed.

Yes, You Can Build That Coffee Table Yourself

The internet is full of step-by-step blogs to help you build coffee tables, deck furniture, and more. All you have to do is be willing to put the work in.

Don’t Forget To Check The Recycle

Visit salvage stores to find materials you can clean up instead of spending more on brand new items.

Hire a Project Contractor When Needed (But Add This To Your Budget)

While it is best to stay on budget by going DIY, some projects require the help of a contractor. Suppose you feel uneasy about touching the wiring in your home or knocking down certain fixtures. In that case, a contractor is a phone call away.

Some projects would benefit from the expertise of a contractor. If you have the funds, add in the expense of a contractor if you can. Contractors can even reduce the stress you may feel for more significant projects.

Let us help make your renovations come true (for less)!

If you need the help of a contractor for your home improvement projects or just want to run your ideas by a specialist, call us the experts at Renovate Residential.

Our design experts are here to help you enter the renovation process with as much significant feel ease as possible. We understand how intimidating some projects can be. After all, this has been our area of expertise for over 25 years now.

We are available to all residents in the Southeastern Massachusetts area looking to renovate their home beautifully and expertly. If you are ready to transform your home into a modern and beautiful space, pick up the phone! Call our office at 866-RES-RENO, and one of our fantastic office staff will speak with you about our process. When you’re ready, come in for a free consultation. We’ll help you figure everything out.

Don’t let the stress of your DIY projects weigh you down. The experts at Renovate Residential are on your side and ready to help!

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