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Home Painting Trends for Fall

Fall is here and it’s time to put away those vibrant lively colors of summer and dive into the warm, earthy color palette of autumn. This fall is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, experimenting with unconventional paints and contrasting pairings. Don’t be afraid to switch it up this fall, as a new coat of paint can truly transform a room. Discover some of these beautiful autumn paint colors and you’re sure to find the perfect hue for you.

Enjoy our list of gorgeous paint trends we can’t wait to see this fall.


Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals and earthy tones are the perfect paint colors for the fall. For anyone looking to switch it up, earthy beiges and browns, hazelnut and soft clay may be what you are looking for to brighten up your space. These shades create illusions of space by reflecting light to make the room appear larger. Minimal and clean warm neutrals are the perfect canvas for almost any vibrant color scheme. Neutrals pair well with black and white breaking up the monotony of them. Warm neutrals are best suited for dining rooms and bedrooms. Soft clays can elevate the space and your mood as an accent wall or backsplash. Adding natural elements like wood furniture and contrasting neutrals can create a space of comfort for the free-spirited traveler. Most neutral shades are beautiful companions to other neutrals. Warm and comforting neutral and earth elements are perfect for any season, but especially autumn, giving that outdoorsy woodland feel to your area.

warm neutral colors in living room

Stormy Blues 

This color scheme can give any room a feeling of tranquility, grounding, peace and harmony. These colors are great for areas with an abundance of light. Ice blue, gray-blue and Seattle haze are sure to be a trend this fall. The soothing and calming stormy blues are mature and modern without making your space feel cluttered and small.

Moody Grays

Gray is such a versatile color this fall, ranging from light to dark, cool to warm and even muted and bold tones. From charcoal gray to pewter, these gorgeous shades of gray create an inviting space in any home. Beautiful grays with undertones of lilac and green paired with neutral tones add warmth to your space. Grays are great for minimalist designs, creating a luxurious and fresh feeling to any room. Gray rooms can also be restful and calming, providing an area to relax and recharge.

moody gryy color in living room space

Fiery Hues

Let’s jump into the bold fiery hues of red this fall. Reds with undertones of purple, pomegranate, poppy and spicy hue, give a bold and alluring statement to any space without overwhelming it.  This color is perfect for the entryway of your home or accented in your library. This cozy and comforting color can be extremely versatile paired with soft pinks and rose gold.  These fiery hues can bring any room to life, raising the energy level and excitement. These shades of red are perfect for any design style. Just like the leaves on autumn trees, red is a sure sign that fall is quickly approaching.

Dark Greens

Dark Greens emulate the healthy green foliage of nature that is both rich and peaceful at the same time. This versatile and functional color can add depth to large, well-lit rooms. The boldness of dark greens is a great pairing for natural elements and neutral tones. Night watch, beau and hunter green are a few shades you should be on the lookout for this fall. Great for a dining room or office, these shades can create an element of intrigue. These bold and moody colors require very few decor pieces to make it stand out.

dark green color against wall

Paint Design Ideas

To quickly elevate your design style and create illusions of space and brightness, here are some design tips to reinvent your space.


Accent walls

Accent walls are a great way to add depth to a room. The color of your accent wall can change throughout the seasons to constantly refresh and rejuvenate your space. Adding a pop of color to your accent wall can make for a beautiful contrast and visual interest.

textured accent wall with couch

Section off walls

Sectioning off your walls with contradictory colors. Whether you choose to section off your wall top to bottom or left to right, can make your space appear larger and your ceiling much higher.

Paint your doors

Painting your doors in beautiful deep and bold paints such as dark greens and rich reds creates a beautiful accent and fulcrum point to your room. Painting your wall molding can add dimension and contrast. Use doors, molding and trim to accentuate and add diversity in your design.


People tend to neglect their ceilings, leaving it to its old boring white paint. Your ceiling is the perfect opportunity to add some depth to your room. Adding patterns to your ceiling, such as stripes, you can easily elongate the space in your room.

As we transition into fall weather, we must update and revamp our spaces. Our vibrant accent pillows are traded for fluffy cream throws and warming natural elements. With so many stunning shades to choose, how do you pick just one? Whether you desire something bold, comforting or calming, you are sure to find a color trend for the fall that works perfectly for your home. What color will you choose?



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