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The colder months are on the way, which means more nights staying in and relaxing. The winter’s the time of year you spend the most time inside your home, so you want to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with your surroundings. Wintertime also means a complete change of scenery outside, so why not change the inside of your house too? There are plenty of ideas that can transform your home into a cozy escape from the harsher weather in the winter months. We’ve compiled a list of trendy new painting ideas for your home this winter.

Keep reading to stay up to date on the winter decorating trends.

Cold Weather Warm Walls

The most simple solution to creating a cozy atmosphere most of us strive for in the winter months would be to use warm tone colors when painting. Colors such as reds and yellows-the colors of fire-are usually associated with warmth. These tones look vibrant in the daytime and when light comes into any room, they can add extra warmth. Warm tones also create a high energy atmosphere, which is perfect for any holiday parties you may be planning on throwing.

Snow or Sea?

Staying with the idea of trying to bring warmth into the home through colors, why not a nautical theme with your paints? Add hints of the beach in any room by painting it with sea-inspired colors. Using a light blue may bring back the colder weather, but try a dark teal or gray. Light brown accents can help bring the idea of the sand, and you can even try adding an earthy yellow to bring the sun to your day at the beach. These tones can help you recreate your favorite beach day every time you walk into the room.

white walls and light wooden floorAs White As Snow

It seems counterproductive to paint a wall the color of the very thing you’re trying to avoid, but white is always going to be a good choice when it comes to painting. It’s neutral and makes the room look larger than it is. A white stone wall can bring a more natural look to any room. If you’re a fan of the winter and maybe just not the cold, a white stone wall can bring the illusion of winter and still keep you warm. It also brings a serene atmosphere to the room.

Jewels Aren’t Just For Jewelry 

Jewel-toned colors have started to become very popular in the past couple of years, and when it comes to painting, they seem to be a must-have. They’re the secret behind a lot of winter palettes. If you want a warm and welcoming room, maybe try a deep red, teal, or purple. The colors add a regal feeling to any atmosphere and allow guests to feel comfortable and at peace. Jewel tones are usually darker tones so they may make a room seem smaller, but they also tend to make a bold statement, plus a smaller room also can be a cozier room.

Cool Undertones? Not Cool

If you’re someone who’s trying to avoid the cold at all cost, we would suggest not bringing colors that remind you of it inside your home. Icy blues can look and bring the feeling of the cold inside. While the color is beautiful when the snow is falling from the sky, you don’t want it in your home. Colors featuring cool undertones can trick you into thinking you’re colder than you actually are. If you’re someone who hates winter, when it comes to choosing colors, it’s safer to stay with warmer tones.

gray wall on background and plant on wooden stool The Classic Neutral

A neutral wall is a classic for a reason. The  2020 Color of the Year is a shade of gray. Neutrals are not by any means on their way out, if anything they’re more popular than ever before. Light neutrals and pastels can bring the illusion of Spring. Skip the cold months altogether and hightail it to the warmth that comes with April. If you want to add depth to the room, you can always bring in a deeper colored gray. Neutrals also complement any decor or furniture you’re planning on filling the room with, so you don’t have to worry about any color clashing.

Winter’s The Way To Go

There are a lot of positives when it comes to painting in the winter. The first being there’s little to no humidity. Humidity can greatly affect the way paints dry and the less there is the better. Paint doesn’t dry well if the walls are too hot, so painting in the summer could have a dangerous outcome. Another pro tip is that the winter months aren’t as busy for contractors, so if you plan on hiring someone, they’re more likely to be available when you need them. It also doesn’t hurt that if you paint in the winter, you have your summer months free.

Everyone’s different and will want to incorporate their own style into their homes. These are just some suggestions to get you started on planning the perfect rooms for your own house this winter. The winter months can be cold and depressing, but your house doesn’t have to be. Decorate however you see fit and be ready to throw a crazy holiday party and be the talk of the neighborhood.


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