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While extreme home makeovers seem like a trending activity for millennials, there are no age limits on who can turn their home into a fixer-upper. Those who are older can still have a gorgeous modern house with a few simple upgrades.

Besides making modern upgrades, did you know that renovating your home can be much cheaper than staying in a senior facility? Residents in their older age may not consider their home eligible for helpful upgrades if the house is older and still in its original construction. Taking the time to assess your needs can show you what you need out of your home if you’re an older homeowner.

Renovating a house to meet the needs of older homeowners is possible. It can save you more money if done correctly. Before you think about moving to a newer house or senior facility, think about the benefits of home renovations for older homeowners and what you can do to your home to make it comforting.

The Benefits Of Renovations For Old Homeowners

There is no shame in growing old and realizing your house is not serving you the way it did a few decades ago. This also doesn’t mean it’s time to pack things up and move to a more helpful facility. Older homeowners can renovate their homes to stay put and include features that benefit them more as elders.

No one wants to leave their home, the place they feel comfortable. By renovating your home to fit your senior needs, you don’t have to leave the place you’ve made priceless memories. You get to enjoy your home differently.

There are commonly suggested renovations for older homeowners to make that helps improve daily life. The upgrades all depend on your situation at hand and preparing for future occurrences.

Popular senior home renovations and their benefits are

  • Widening doorways and wheelchair ramps: if you have a wheelchair, this makes your home entry easier to fit into.
  • Slip-resistant flooring: this will ease the fear of falling and not being able to get up or suffering a severe injury.
  • Grab bars in showers or other areas: to counteract slipping and falling in susceptible areas like the shower, installing grab bars can prevent falling, too.
  • Other renovations that fit your needs: like a chair lift, etc.

Renovating for older homeowners also gives homeowners a chance to reduce their stress. Instead of living in a home that you can’t move around well in anymore, updating to benefits a senior needs can provide peace of mind to you and your family as you stay at home.

Staying in your home is a significant benefit for seniors’ health. What better way to stay in the place you love and have peace of mind knowing your senior-friendly features are keeping you safe?

Before You Sign, Think Of How You Can Save!

Before you consider moving into a senior facility, run through the numbers of how you can save by making senior-friendly upgrades!

If the word “renovation” sounds scary and pricey to you, it might not be what you’re thinking. Some seniors qualify for financial assistance from their insurance to pay for the home updates if it involves medical technology, like a chair lift, grab bars, or a wheelchair ramp. There is even the possibility that you could be eligible for some home improvement grants to help pay for the home remodeling projects.

The average cost of going into a senior facility in the United States is around $40,000. Some renovations, depending on how in-depth you want to go and if you’re updating anything outside of senior-friendly features, can cost up to $9,000 or less than $40,000. It is much cheaper to renovate your home to fit your needs than going into a senior care facility.

The key to saving and optimizing from a home renovation for older homeowners is thoroughly reviewing the needs that have to be implemented into the home and the future plans. There are certain builders to consult with, like the National Association of Home Builders. They are experts at renovating houses with seniors specifically in mind. Consulting with these professionals can give you better insight on ways to save during your home renovation and how you can maximize the project for the most savings.

Your Renovations Can Add Tremendous Value

Older homeowners who are not needing senior-friendly features and wanting to have a higher ROI for their house can look at simple upgrades that add value to their home. Knowing what sells and makes a home more valuable can boost your bank account once your property hits the market. Making remodels around the house to boost the value can be an excellent option for the future if you sell for profit. There are even senior-friendly updates that can increase the value of a home.

Painting is a big area that will add tremendous value to your home. Prospective homeowners love the comfort and design of elegance that comes from giving the house a facelift that can be achieved through paint and home staging. Interior paint alone can add $2,000 in value while painting the exterior can add around $1,500. In addition, since most older homes were built with brick, exterior painting can be a breeze with the help of professionals.

Older homeowners looking for subtle ways around their house to make things more helpful while adding value can find it in their hardware and light switches. It is recommended for homeowners to update their hardware to knobs or fixtures that do not require a lot of force to use. Many modern faucets, handles, and doorknobs are designed to fit these characteristics, which is boosting the value of the home at the same time.

Lightswitches can also be updated to add higher numbers to your home. Instead of having the traditional switch that has to be pushed up and down, it is recommended that seniors install paddle switches that can be used with an elbow or knuckle.

Senior-friendly renovation, on a lower scale, does not have to be expensive to add more value. Even swapping out the fixtures and hardware, which averages about $20 more or less per handle, will not be an overly expensive remodel that can increase value. The most item spent with a lowkey senior-friendly model is time, which is beneficial for seniors who do not wish to spend a lot of money when aging in place.

Ready To Renovate Your Place? Contact The Pros!

Are you ready to renovate your home as you navigate these newer years and age in place? If so, contact the remodeling pros at Renovate Residential! We offer the best home renovation services in the Southeastern Massachusetts area fit for any homeowners, younger or senior. This is our area of expertise. We are confident we know how to make this transition of aging more manageable for every older homeowner and their family.

Our design experts have 25+ years in the field and can take any vision you bring us to life. Our services can update the interior and exterior of your home to get the comfort you need and helpful services to make your living easier! To ease our customers’ renovation journey, we offer excellent financing plans for your chosen remodeling options.

If you’re curious about what we can do for you, call us at 866-RES-RENO today. Our staff would be happy to discuss with you and give you a free quote!

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Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

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