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Accent Walls in your home

We all get tired of our normal, white walls. But, there are easy and inexpensive ways to elevate your space: by making accent walls the centerpiece of your home. An accent wall is truly the statement piece of your home. All it takes is a little extra detail and your space will truly pop. Accent walls can be anything that you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. When it’s time to say goodbye to normal walls, these amazing ideas will give a kick start in completely altering your space.

Here are some useful tips to make your accent wall the statement piece of your home.

Go Bold

Choosing a bold and vibrant color can be a great way to add fun and excitement to any room. Bold colors such as oranges and yellows electrify the room, bringing a burst of energy to your space. Bold accent walls are best in living rooms instead of bedrooms.

These bold colors are the perfect complement to dark, moodier colors. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  One of these bold shades may be perfect for you.

Dark & Black

Many people are afraid of using dark colors for their walls. As the main color for your space, dark colors may be overwhelming, but accent walls are the perfect way to incorporate dark colors into your living space. The use of a dark accent wall can add intensity and interest in a very traditional space.

Try pairing your dark or black accents with neutral or calmer colors in rooms with an abundance of natural light to prevent the room from looking too dark. Don’t be afraid to go dark, it can be the perfect addition to your room if done right.

black accent wall to create a statement

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Add Texture

Wood, tile and stick-on wood panels are simple ways to add texture in your living space. Adding texture to your accent wall can add depth and movement to your space by playing with dimensions.

Wood panels add warmth to your room by making your room feel cozier. When using reclaimed wood, it can easily elevate your space to rustic and farmhouse. Texture can be easily accomplished in your living space and you’ll see your space transform.


Wallpaper comes in so many different patterns and colors that it is simple to achieve the accent wall of your dreams with minimal effort. Choosing wallpaper allows you to easily swap out your accent wall at your leisure.

Wallpaper is easy to change and replace, so as your design style changes or you are just in the mood for something new, you can effortlessly take down the wallpaper and put a new one up with minimal effort. Even when it may be difficult to choose just one color for your accent wall, there are plenty of options with wallpaper, and you are bound to find the right wallpaper just for you.

wallpapered wall to make a statement

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Tile Away

It may not seem like a conventional method for creating an accent wall, but laying your accent wall with tile will certainly elevate your space. Tile can make your room look very high-end and stunning. It is not the most affordable way to enhance the appearance of your room but will be worth the money. Your new tile accent wall will be the focal point in your living room.

Try adding the tile around your fireplace and you will discover that your room has been quickly upgraded to a room of luxury and class. Adding tile along your TV can instantly camouflage it to make it blend seamlessly with the rest of your room. Tiles are no longer just for your bathroom floors or kitchen backsplash, it can also be a great accent wall in your living room.

Stripe it Up

Stripes and other geometric patterns on your accent walls become the center of attention in your space. Stripes or patterns on your accent wall can add a lot of interest without being overwhelming.

Horizontal stripes in your living room create the illusion of a wider space. Any pattern or design you add to your accent wall will make your space fun and playful. More intricate design patterns can bring an artsy and creative feel into your home.

Striped wall to make a statement

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Fabric Galore

Fabric is probably the last way you expect to decorate your wall, but it is a unique way to make a one of a kind accent wall for an inexpensive price. Choose from a variety of patterns and textures to find the perfect fit for your home.

Find multiple patterns that complement each other and work together cohesively. Your fabric wall will be like nothing you have ever seen. You will surely amaze all your friends with this one of a kind accent design.

Your space should reflect who you are and what you like. Accent walls are a great way to bring color and pattern into your home without overwhelming the space. Whether with paint or tile, take advantage of your extra wall space. You will be delighted to see how quickly and easily your space can be transformed.





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