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What to Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring

By June 30, 2021No Comments

Homeowners can sometimes have trouble finding where to start on their next project. And without being in the contracting business yourself, it can oftentimes be extremely difficult to know which contractors will knock your project out of the park. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry– we have your back. When looking out and researching for contractors, here are the biggest questions we recommend you keep in mind and ask potential workers before hiring someone to take on your home project.

“How long have you been in this business?”

Lots of times, contractors who have been in the business for a long time will have found their own means of going about projects to ensure the best quality, while still staying on time and budget. Experience also develops easy fixes to hiccups that could potentially arise on site, so a more developed business is typically more reliable for their quick, quality work. However, some contractors may also have a lot of experience but have just recently branched out on their own. If they’ve caught your eye, we recommend you start them off on a smaller project, and if you like their work, have them take on any bigger projects you may have. Make sure to look into several different contractors in your area, and research any work they may have done in the past. If you find anything that makes you worry, ask about it– more often than not, contractors will be more than happy to answer your questions rather than taking them out of consideration altogether.

“What will a typical workday look like? How will you clean up?”

Setting expectations with your contractor before starting your project is huge. Make sure to talk with your contractor about various different factors that could arise such as start/end times each workday, the noise level, who will be in your building, the parking situation, if they need designated areas for equipment, available power outlets and restrooms (if any), and if any objects need to be removed prior to the beginning of a project. Even if you aren’t home while work is being done, these simple questions can help your contractor do their job more efficiently, while also knowing what to expect in the area that they are working in before they set foot on site. These outlines can also help your contractor work as efficiently and quickly as possible, to ensure satisfaction with yourself, the contractor, and any other persons that may be affected by the construction (neighbors, residents, etc).

Establishing how trash/waste will be removed, how spare parts will be handled, and how dust/dirt will be cleaned up before work begins will also set a precedent that your contractor will clean up after themselves, so you aren’t left cleaning up after a service that you’re paying for. A quality contractor will make sure they and their crew meet your after-work cleanup requests– whether the project is a day, a week, or a month.

“What will payments look like?”

It’s important to discuss a payment schedule with your contractor– though, it’s advised that you do not pay a contractor in full before their services have begun (a quality contractor shouldn’t ask you to do so, anyway). You should be aware of exactly what is due, and when, no matter the length or proportion of the project.

Additional costs should also be discussed, as there is potential for any possible change. Whether that be an update you would like to make or a circumstance that changes the original price, it’s crucial that you and your contractor agree that the project will not go over budget without your approval. And, upon hiring, this should also be specified in the contract you sign together

“What is the timeline for completion?”

Understanding when the project will begin and end will help you and your contractor do business together in a healthy, respectful manner. Upon asking the timeline of the project, you may also want to consider asking if they have other projects that could affect your schedule, as well as how you and your contractor can go about communicating over potential changes that may arise from your current schedule. Some homeowners may need or want to move out of their homes while work is being completed. Therefore knowing about a timeline change, as soon as possible is imperative.

We’re happy to help

Communication is key. And here at RenovateResidential by ProGroup, we pride ourselves on having quality communication with all of our clients. If you’re considering us for your next project, we’re here to answer any of your outstanding questions in the easiest form of contact for you. You can call us at 866-Res-Reno, email us at, or even get an online quote here on our website, Ask us anything– we’re more than happy to help tackle your next project, no matter the size, along with any emerging questions you may have throughout our process.

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