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The times are ever-changing, and if you live in an old house, it might be best to do some updating. After all, old homes are becoming quite the fixer-uppers.

Houses are becoming trendier with their looks and technology, and older houses are typically more outdated with their appliances and design. Old homes might also be going through deterioration from their older build and lack of keeping up.

If you live in an older home and unsure if it is time to do some renovating, here’s your sign. This article will act as your guide to making an old house feel new once it’s renovated!

A Sign That It’s Time To Renovate

Fixer-uppers seem to be the trend nowadays, and it’s a no-brainer as to why. It’s fascinating to watch the professionals on tv take an old house and transform it into a place that looks brand new after it’s renovated.

Several occurrences make it the best time to renovate your old home. First, if your home is outdated and needs some modernization, consider making a list of things in the house you can replace. Second, if appliances or rooms are deteriorating, it’s time to start renovating. Finally, if you are thinking of selling your home to move somewhere new, your old home needs to see modern advancements to increase the chances of being sold.

If you also find your place in excellent financial standing to make some home renovations, do it! Even simple items like the windows and small places in the kitchen can significantly impact the status of your home.

Renovating old houses does not have to be complicated. Old houses often have excellent foundations to work with and just need cosmetic surgery to amp up the appeal. Painting, upgrading windows, replacing items in the kitchen, pulling up old flooring, and anything else to make the home modern can instantly turn an old home into a new home without causing you to search for a new place to live.

With that being said, renovating old houses can sometimes be quite expensive if there is a lot to be done. If your old home needs intense cosmetic upgrading, consider waiting until you have the funds or creating a budget to stick to as you update your home. A good rule of thumb to go by when renovating an old house is to start with the more minor, inexpensive updates first as you put back for the bigger stuff.

Before You Consider Buying…

Many homeowners often skip over the renovation process and go straight for a new home. They don’t want to tackle fixer-upper or DIY projects, but did you know that people that buy new homes spend on average $18,000 more than renovating? It’s true.

Before you consider buying a new house instead of renovating your old home, consider the cost factor. It may seem pointless to spend money on a contractor or touch up your home if you do not realize the potential that older homes carry. However, there are several benefits remodeling old homes has that outweighs buying new.

For instance, some older homes have beautiful vintage characteristics. Old houses have lots of character traits that newer homes don’t have. These intricate designs are easy to work with and can act as a free decor piece for your home.

An older home can serve as a canvas for the vision you have for the place. You can obtain the same look of a modern home in your old home for much less. Even DIY projects you can incorporate in your remodel look similar to designs in modern homes. We will go more in-depth with these particular projects later in this article.

Knowing the cost of your renovations will be crucial so that you will not overspend on your budget. To know exactly what you will spend on your home renovations is to make a list of the items you want to upgrade. Then, spend some time researching the cost of these renovations and anything you can do yourself. In the end, you will be saving yourself a fortune by renovating your old house instead of buying a new one.

Renovating Can Increase The Value Of Your Old Home

If there is a chance that you will be moving out of your house in a few years, then renovating your home gives you the potential to increase the value of the old house for your selling price. Specific home renovation projects can significantly up the cost of your home since you are giving it some updates that make the house more modern.

Easy renovation projects to increase the value of your home are

  • Painting – both interior and exterior
  • Replacing doors and windows
  • Upgrading kitchen appliances and cabinets
  • Ripping up old flooring in bathroom
  • Giving home curb appeal

You do not have to wreck your old home to renovate it. Some renovations are minor, with a huge payoff. If you currently do not have a home and are looking for one, the good news is that typically older homes are cheaper to buy since they need the renovations. Purchasing an affordable old home and sprucing it up as a fixer-upper is a great way to increase value for when you sell in the future and give the home a newer vibe.

The Best Renovation Ideas For An Old Home

Knowing how to best renovate your old house comes from carefully diagnosing the situation on hand and researching what provides the most increase in value. When it comes to cosmetic looks, there are plenty of options you have to alter the look of your house inside and out.

Most old homes are made with wood paneling walls. In the worst cases, they match the wood floor. Painting the wood paneling walls white or another color is a great renovation idea to bring life inside the house and use outdated paneling. Of course, removing the paneling and installing drywall is the option, but this is a more intense and expensive option. Painting the paneling is a great way to cover the disastrous brown shade and preserve the vintage characteristic.

Other ideas for your old home lie on the floor. If your old home has creaky flooring or flooring that needs to be changed, consider ripping it up and installing new vinyl pieces. You would be surprised at the impact a unique floor design can have on an old house.

If your old home struggles with space or isn’t working correctly with appliances that currently reside in the home, consider finding new appliances and ways to create more space. For example, knocking down walls or putting in more storage can make the claustrophobic room feel more spacious. Plus, once you install the up-to-date stove or dishwasher, you’ve just added more value to the home!

Best DIY Renovations

Renovations are not always cheap. If you go the DIY route, though, they can be! Most of the time, your big rooms, such as your kitchen and bathrooms, can cost more than a year at a university to fix. That’s why, luckily, there are options you can take yourself to save you some cash.

Some DIY projects may seem very intimidating at first. The professionals on TV make it look easy. Still, you can feel like a professional, too, after watching a few YouTube tutorials.

Let’s look at some of the best DIY renovations you can make to save some money in your old home while giving it a brand new look.

Paint Yourself

Painting your old home can vastly change the look of a house while also being a straightforward project. However, if you would like the exterior of your home painted, contractors are waiting for your business. Painting the inside of your home is an easy DIY project, but you must remember the steps. Don’t skip cleaning your walls and priming before applying the paint. Wait for your first coat of paint to dry thoroughly before applying the second not to show brush strokes.

Design Your Own Countertops

Does your old home have those laminate countertops? Before you drench your wallet in the crazy expense of buying new ones, create your own! There are kits available to you to turn your laminate countertops into faux granite of all colors or marble! They are significantly cheaper than buying countertops from the store, and these DIY projects can be completed in a day. Don’t forget to paint your cabinets to go along with your new countertops.

Install Your Own Lighting (With The Power Switch Off)

Updating light fixtures is another home renovation project that can improve the look and value of your home. If you’re feeling up for it, it’s a job you can do yourself. Before you unscrew a fixture or touch the wires, you cut the power off in the house to avoid any injury. If you are intimidated by light wires, call a close friend or relative, or contractor to help.

Get Your Hands Dirty Outside

The outside of your home can have serious curb appeal if you dress it up nicely. So get your hands dirty (or clean, thanks to gloves) by planting some flowers or putting down mulch or pine needles to give your exterior a makeover. You’ll be surprised at home beautiful specific landscaping projects can turn out.

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