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Deciding to renovate your house can be very exciting. All of these Pinterest pictures and professionals on TV can make anyone excited to remodel their home. But renovation, even painting, requires the precise expertise that professionals have.

If you want to paint your home, the interior or exterior, you may think that is a project you can handle yourself. It’s just painting, after all. Wrong!

Before you pick up the brush, consider why it would be best to hire a professional to come in and do the work for you. In this article, we will review some of the mistakes people make painting their homes themselves and why you should hire a paint professional to get the magazine-worthy space you’re after.

Mistakes Homeowners Make When They Paint Their Home Walls

Many homeowners call professionals to take over their painting projects because of avoidable mistakes made during the process.

Knowing how to paint your home correctly is essential so that you don’t make mistakes you need to correct, but having the suitable materials for your home paint project can become quite costly.

Minus the cost, there are steps in the painting process for interior and exterior walls that most homeowners skip over, like prep, for example. The surfaces of the walls that you are painting need to be prepped to hold your color perfectly.

Prepping doesn’t just come from the prep paint that goes on your wall first. It also means preparing your home surfaces. If you do not prep your home by covering your valuables or moving your furniture around for easier access to your walls, you could make the mistake of damaging your home belongings and cleaning up more messes.

The walls of your home will also need to be cleaned. This is another mistake homeowners make when painting themselves, as well as forgetting the painter’s tape. Without applying painter’s tape, you can get paint on your floors, trim, or somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Your walls collect dirt, dust, and depending on the last time you cleaned them, they can be grimy. Walls need to be cleaned before the prep work begins so that you’re working on a smooth surface that’s free of specs that could get stuck in your paint.

Did you know that painting yourself means that you could use the wrong brush or paint? It’s true! Different paint finishes such as satin, flat, semi-gloss, and eggshell can make a big difference in the way your walls turn out. The look you may want might not come from the paint you can pick up. Mix in using the wrong brush for your walls, and you will have a complete disaster on your hands that you are not happy about. Hiring a professional can stop this.

Skipping the prep work, not cleaning your home’s walls, and using the wrong paint or brush are just a few common mistakes homeowners make when they paint their homes themselves. We haven’t even talked about the actual painting mistakes yet, like using the wrong brush strokes or not waiting for the first coat to dry thoroughly, just to name a few.

To bypass these mistakes and achieve the dream look of your house on the first try, hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Why Hiring a Professional is Good For Your Home

So that you don’t make these mistakes, you should hire a professional to paint your house. This can save you several headaches (and some money) in the end.

Renovating your home is a big job. Home projects like painting the interior or exterior walls can cause stress to be put on a person, especially if this is a job you have never done before.

Working with a professional painter ensures that your dream design is completed expertly and perfectly to your liking. You get to achieve the look you want for your home without doing the hard work yourself.

Not only does a painting professional have the expertise, but they have the right tools as well. Painting a home requires certain ladders, brushes and rollers, tape, and other materials these painters already have on hand and know how to use in some regions of your home. We mentioned earlier one of the mistakes homeowners make was using the wrong brush or paint. By hiring a professional, that is a mistake you do not have to worry about. After they discuss with you how you want the design of your remodel and assess your property, they have all the tools with them to get the job done.

Another reason why you should hire a professional painter is, so you do not have to worry about finding the time to complete your project. Life is hectic between work, your family, and the extra activities you have going on. Add in painting a house, and you will be left wondering where to find the time to get it done.

This is a professional job! Hiring a professional painter minimizes the amount of work you have to do. You get to sit back and enjoy the transformation without having to find the time to do it yourself. What more could you ask for in a home paint project?

Professionals Can Handle The Exterior Job, Too!

If the exterior walls of your house could use a paint update, painters and contractors can handle that job too! Many homeowners might not think about painting the exterior of their home because of how big of a job it is, which is why professionals are ready to help.

Painting the exterior of your home requires different tools and methods than your interior walls. For instance, you have to pressure wash your home, pay attention to the weather, and several other steps. It can be a lengthy process.

A positive to hiring a professional for painting your home’s exterior is that this lengthy process can be done promptly. Professional painters spend the days they are assigned to your job getting the steps done as soon as possible to have your design completed fast.

The exterior of your home doesn’t always have to stay the shade it has been since you bought it or built it. If you’re ready for an outside change, hire a professional to help give your home a newer look!

What to Expect Out of a Painting Professional For Your Project

Before you hire a professional to help with your paint project, you need to spend ample time researching the best painters and contractors in your area. Narrow your list down to about five that you consult with and explore more to see if you like their work.

After you hire a professional, the prep work begins. Your painting professional will likely come out to your property to better look at the project, so they know how to best tackle the job. If you are having them paint the interior, move your furniture and place your smaller belongings somewhere else in your house to not get in the way. If you have any signs or yard figures, move those for exterior projects.

Your professional will also have a team of several painters that come out to your house during the day to tackle the job. With this being said, expect to have an abnormal interruption to your living for a few days. If you or other people in your house spend the days at the office, it will be in your best interest to have someone stay at home to ensure there are no issues while these people are at work.

While your painters are in the house, they should feel almost invisible. Painting professionals typically get the job completed fast so that you can be on your way back to normal with a fresher look indoors. The only evidence they leave behind is the new paint design you had them create!

Is It Time To Have Your Home Painted? Call Us Today!

If it’s time you gave your home a fresh look, call us! Renovate Residential has been helping residents in the Southeastern Massachusetts area transform their homes into beautiful living spaces for over 25 years.

Our team of experts is dedicated to giving your home the beautiful design you crave, and we are with you every step of the transformation process. Haven’t heard of us before? Check out our client feedback on our website. They speak for us when we say we perform high-quality work.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with us, call our office at 866-RES-RENO. We can’t wait to discuss with you how we can bring your dream renovations to life.

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